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Under the tower, stories live

We live with stories and enjoy telling them to each other. Stories originate when people get togeth-er and pass them on. Years ago people from Fryslân got together on the mounds. Fleeing the water but also to collect fresh water from the community well. That is why many churches are built on a mound. Some are still in service as a House of God but some also serve as galleries, theatres, shops, houses or are simply empty. They will however always be buildings full of stories. Religious stories, but also stories about big or small happenings in the community that are told again and again.



De Frijtinker

At the bar in the town’s inn, a refugee by the name of Tesfalem falls under the spell of the innkeeper, […]


Marijke Muoi

Leeuwarden, August 1795 Radical revolutionaries storm the Grote Kerk, smash everything, take valuable metals from the graves and kick around […]


De man dy’t hout dûnsje liet

In around 1781, Hermannus Berkenbijl sailed from Leeuwarden to Mantgum every week for three years to work on the carvings […]


Anna Maria

In 1678, Anna Maria van Schurman died at the age of seventy in Wiuwert. She was buried in the Nicolaaskerk. […]



Shouting in the port: ‘There they are!’ Women waving towels high above their heads and the shrill sound of the […]


Haren in de wind

Sunday morning: put on the Sunday clothes, comb your hair and head to church. The comb of the cloisters is […]


De klokken fan Berltsum

Lovers for 400 years. A bell has been hanging in the Koepelkerk in Berlikum since 1593. In 1663, it was […]


De 7 fan Sânfurd

What did the Duke of Bavaria do in Sandfirden? Who was in the sarcophagus that was found? And why was […]


Sint Vitus Passie

A vocal trilogy On a Sunday morning in 1842, the preacher Vitalis was at the pulpit in the Sint Vituskerk […]


Het Fluitschip

Is love stronger than water? The fluyt, a commercial sailing ship, is journeying towards Riga. Second mate Wiebe Aukesz is […]


Yn it Skaad fan ‘e Toer

The church in Rijperkerk is suddenly full again. A case of acute godliness? No, a story is circulating about a […]


De klok en het meisje

She just suddenly appeared, the girl from the bell. The villagers are no longer surprised by this. She likes to […]


Een Jammerlijck Klaachlied

One day in 1574, skipper Hendrik Spruyt arrived with his wife Trijntje Jans at their home port of Workum. They […]


Het heilige hert van Cambuur

It was a child from the nearby primary school who pointed out to the vicar of the Agneskerk the symbol […]


It paad fan de Wûnderdokter

An artistic walk leads the visitor through a vast landscape and a small village, Eestrum. This village has a jewel […]


Wat zag de Lemster Toer?

The Lemster Tower has seen Lemmer change over 300 years; the fishing community became a recreational hotspot. Under it is […]


Oeds fan fierwei

Homer’s Odyssey in the heart of Friesland The homecoming of war hero Oeds (Odysseus) is played out under the towers […]


Een nacht in de Sint Janskerk

Een nacht in de Sint Janskerk (A night at the St. John’s Church) is a whirlwind of a music-theatre performance. […]



In 2018, Tytsjerk opens its doors for unknown visitors who will leave an indelible impression in and together with the […]


De verdwenen peerden

The story goes that two horses once died in the small church in Nijeberkoop. The horses had gotten loose and, […]


Slauerhoff – In Memoriam Patris

One of the Netherlands’ greatest poets, Jan Jacob Slauerhoff (1898-1936), came from Leeuwarden. His work has been translated in 26 […]


De profylfoto fan Klaas

A performance about the importance of having a beacon in our lives. Klaas has seen much of the world. This […]



A helmet has hung in the porch of the Schettens church since time immemorial, just an old helmet. Until a […]


Dodo fan Haska

Once lonely in the field, nowadays sandwiched between railroad tracks and a dual carriageway, the Kapelle van Haskerdijken is still […]


Op de Terp Almenum

A roaring sea. Raging sea monsters bash the embankments and storm into the city. They furiously drag children into the […]


Lûd fan de Middelsee

In Lûd fan the Middelsee, 17 music associations bring the old Middelzee to life. The Middelzee: new territory of the […]


De tael van et hatte

The pilgrims from the Stellingwerven, whose homecoming was celebrated in 1579 after they walked to Santiago de Compostela, got a […]


Merakels fan Nijlân

A performance about the determination of a carpenter’s assistant with a brilliant plan. Will Lytse Fedde get an audience with […]


De klok moat werom!

The current Mariakerk was built without a tower in 1797. In 1896 the church board decided to have a tower […]


De Slach by Boxum

On 17 January 1586, the Spanish army encountered the Frisian army near the village of Boksum. Unfortunately it was not […]


Tusken Twa Tuorren

In the spirit of Saint Martin, the Sint Martinuskerk shares its earthly possessions with the youth club, the breeding ground […]


In 2018, thirty-two stories will be told beneath thirty-two Frisian church towers. Stories translated in music, dance, theatre, visual arts, and told by the mienskip (community). Do you want to take a look behind the scenes? Then sign up for the Under de Toer newsletter!


Interview: Barbara Jonkers and Dennis de Vries

Thirty-two churches, thirty-two unique images made in lino. For the visual identity of Under the Tour, Barbara Jonkers, self-employed designer, […]


Interview: Arno Brok

The biggest sponsor of Under de Toer is the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund. The fund gave donated €500,000, which was crucial in […]


First reading of the script of Marijke Muoi

For a moment, Maria Louise van Hessen-Kassels story has a voice, during the first reading of Marijke Muoi’s script. The […]


Under de Toer starts on the first of January 2018!

We are all looking forward to it: 2018, the year of Leeuwarden-Fryslân as Cultural Capital of Europe. The cultural year […]


Eighty submitted plans

Sunday January 15th was the last day on which partnerships across Friesland could submit their plans for Under the Tour. […]