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First reading of the script of Marijke Muoi

For a moment, Maria Louise van Hessen-Kassels story has a voice, during the first reading of Marijke Muoi’s script. The eleven actors who play the characters dive into this special story that took place in this church decades ago. This happens under the watchful eye and listening ear of Sjoeke-Marije Wallendal, director and Bouke Oldenhof, who wrote the play. In the Grote Kerk (Jacobijnerkerk) in Leeuwarden, where Marijke Muoi will take place in the opening weekend of LF2018, the actors gathered on the 29th of June to read the script for the first time together.

The cast started the preparation of the show, which will start on January 28th. During this show, the audience, which consists of two hundred people, is split up in ten groups, all escorted by a different character. In groups of twenty, the audience enters church through one of the ten entrances, accompanied by one of the ten actors. For example, patriarch Abraham Staal, played by Rogier in ‘t Hout, receives his guests in his wife’s patchwork shop. Eise Eisinga (Paul R. Kooij) shares with you his reflections on the revolution. He is still worried about keeping the peace, whilst others are less thoughtful.

Marijke Muoi

The eleventh character, Maria Louise of Hessen-Kassel, is the guiding principle of the performance. The other characters played a part in the grave violation of the ancestor of the Oranje Nassau, which was commonly referred to as Marijke Muoi. It is a representation with a contrast: then and now, freedom and equality, more democracy or less? The audience becomes involved in the story and gets some food for thought: What would you do, how far would you go for your principles?


The cast consists of Joke Tjalsma, Paul R. Kooij, Martijn de Rijk, This Glashouwer, Rogier in ‘t Hout, Ludo Hoogmartens, Albert Secuur, Michaël Bloos, Pleun de Roode, Bart Harder and Raphaël Mars.