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Interview: Barbara Jonkers and Dennis de Vries

Thirty-two churches, thirty-two unique images made in lino. For the visual identity of Under the Tour, Barbara Jonkers, self-employed designer, and Dennis de Vries of BW H Designers designed an image for each event. The style itself, the colors, according to the two, connects to what a church radiates. “The yellow is inspired by the color of stones of a church, but it also feels warm and rich.”


Interview: Arno Brok

The biggest sponsor of Under de Toer is the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund. The fund gave donated €500,000, which was crucial in the realization of the project. The new Commissioner of the King and chairman of the Culture Fund Arno Brok is looking forward to 2018.


First reading of the script of Marijke Muoi

For a moment, Maria Louise van Hessen-Kassels story has a voice, during the first reading of Marijke Muoi’s script. The eleven actors who play the characters dive into this special story that took place in this church decades ago. This happens under the watchful eye and listening ear of Sjoeke-Marije Wallendal, director and Bouke Oldenhof, who wrote the play. In the Grote Kerk (Jacobijnerkerk) in Leeuwarden, where Marijke Muoi will take place in the opening weekend of LF2018, the actors gathered on the 29th of June to read the script for the first time together.

Under de Toer starts on the first of January 2018!

We are all looking forward to it: 2018, the year of Leeuwarden-Fryslân as Cultural Capital of Europe. The cultural year won’t officially start until de 28th of January, with the Under de Toer project Marijke Muoi as the opener, among other shows. But, technically UdT will kick the year off on the first of January in IJlst, with De Frijtinker.


Eighty submitted plans

Sunday January 15th was the last day on which partnerships across Friesland could submit their plans for Under the Tour. The number of projects was still around thirty one week before the deadline, the final count is no less than eighty submitted plans.