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Pilot Tynje

In 2014 ‘troch de buorren’ was performed in de Tynje as a pilot for Under de Toer. This was due to the 110th anniversary of the theatre group Rjucht en Sljucht.  The scene was set in the PKN- church. Fellow villager Bouke Oldenhof wrote the script and the music club ‘ de Bazuin’ also assisted.  The result was a full, proud church.

For their 110th anniversary in 2014, Fanfare De Bazuin from De Tynje invited the local theatre group ‘Rjucht en Sljucht’ to undertake a collaboration project. The initiators contacted fellow villager and play writer Bouke Oldenhof who as member of the Under de Tour initiators saw that this was a great opportunity to try out the ideas behind  Under de Tour.  Oldenhof found a story that took place in a church and wrote the play  ‘Troch de buorren’ and  De Bazuin, Rjucht en Sjlucht and a combination of the two local choirs, performed the play three times in an overcrowded, enthusiastic and maybe a slightly proud church.

The story

Formerly, Tynje had a distinction between ‘finen’ and ‘readen’ (christians en socialists). The sharp ‘edges’ of the contradiction have worn but the contrast is still apparent. Oldenhof heard a recent story that takes place in the Tynster church. Four Tynsters sing together: two calvanists, a reformed and a socialist. Whilst paying their last respects to the deceased Frisian writer in a cafe in Drachten they sang a battle song according to hi wishes. The three men challenged the socialist to join them to perform in the reformed church in de Tynje.

The ending

Although the socialist was brought up to be anti-religious he decided to let go of his objections. What were the preconceptions based on anyway? The repetitions went well and it was a lot of fun. During the service the organ began to play. Then the socialist thought about his deceased parents and sister seeing him standing in a church. He choked and was unable to sing a word. His fellow singers were compassionate.

Link with the French Tignes

For contrast, the scenes of this story, connected by a poetic story teller, were alternated with a Tynster teller in Tignes in the French Alps. Tignes sounds like Tynje and is at the bottom of a reservoir as it was built just after World War 2. In parallel to the emergence of the drowned Tignes, the old contradictions in Tynje arise.