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De man dy’t hout dûnsje liet

Mariakerk Mantgum


In around 1781, Hermannus Berkenbijl sailed from Leeuwarden to Mantgum every week for three years to work on the carvings of the Mariakerk. All that hard work paid off: wavy flower petals, true-to-life trumpets and biblical scenes on the pulpit. Delicate with a sense of movement, yet made of wood.

The life and work of Hermannus Berkenbijl is told and represented by the community of Mantgum in the show De man dy’t hout dûnsje liet. A special experience with dance, theatre and music.

In addition to the performance, there is a woodcarvers festival in Mantgum during the same week. This festival shows woodcarving in all its facets. You can watch woodcarving at the demonstrations, and you can also create your own woodcarving in one of the workshops. Come and experience how wood can dance.

Brought to you by Mariakerk Mantgum, Doarpsmienkskip Mantgum, Wietwetterklup, MFC De Wjukken, OBS De Gielguorde, woodcarvers from Friesland and throughout the Netherlands. Idea and artistic direction: Willy van Assen and Valerie van de Ridder

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