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Anna Maria

Nicolaaskerk Wiuwert


In 1678, Anna Maria van Schurman died at the age of seventy in Wiuwert.

She was buried in the Nicolaaskerk. Van Schurman was a famous 17th-century woman. She spoke many languages, was a scientist and artist. She corresponded and was friends with many well-known people of the time, including René Descartes, Constantijn Huygens and Jacob Cats. She was the first woman in Europe to study at university.

But however appreciated and praised, this changed when she joined the strict sect of Jean de Labadie, distanced herself from her work and withdrew to the Van Walta State in Wiuwert. Anna Maria is a part historical and part fictional story about the life of Anna Maria van Schurman.

Brought to you by Tonielgroep Vriendenkring Britswert/Wiuwert, dorpsbelang De twa doarpen en Museum Martena Franeker. Script: Remco Klop, director: Luuk Eisema

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persmap van Anna Maria