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Lambertuskerk, Arum


Shouting in the port: ‘There they are!’ Women waving towels high above their heads and the shrill sound of the trumpet. There are the heroes of the sea braving the wind and water to put bread on the table.

The young sailors look at them and dream about doing the same thing. That’s real life – where the boats come from beyond the horizon. Gesina stands behind them. She stares into the distance: ‘Claas’, she whispers. Claas Doedens, Gesina’s true love, has never returned from the sea. She has his last letter from Riga in her hand.

And every day when the ships enter, she asks: ‘Has anyone heard anything about Claas?’ Until one evening a skipper answers her with ‘yes’, and takes her to the world under the water, looking for Claas. An above and underwater story from North West Friesland.

Performed by Noorderwind Youth Theatre School in collaboration with Christelijke Muziekvereninging Wubbenus Jocobs, Theater de Koornbeurs and Theater Ziuks Riga. Director: Hanneke de Man, voice teacher: Monique Bakker, costume design: Erica Alsema, conductor: Arjen Steur, production: Leentje Visser.

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