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De 7 fan Sânfurd

Kerk Sandfirden


What did the Duke of Bavaria do in Sandfirden? Who was in the sarcophagus that was found? And why was the church full of cows in 1825? And then there’s the milkman Grutte Meine: he brought the milk containers from the Sandfirden farmers to the milk factory every day and made sure that all the gossip and news was passed on.

The church is one of te four locations of the play. On a milkman’s carts we ride along the different scenes and are taken through the history of Sandfirden and Grutte Meine. The theatrical journey ends with a show on the water, at the foot of the church. Who are these twenty brides? What’s visual artist Gerrit Terpstra doing there?

With the Eendracht Maakt Macht brass band, Aldegea pop choir, the Drama Association and visual artist Gerrit Terpstra. Director and artistic leader: Peer van den Berg (SuverNuver)

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