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De Bestimming

Meinardskerk Minnertsga


Everything in life has a destination, a purpose. The mother who, in her sorrow, only lets her voice be heard through the cello. The wailing plumber who watches as the church is ablaze because of him. A heavily loaded cart riding through the Belgian hills. The pastor, devoid of any enthusiasm, waiting for the sermon that does not come. The cart with the harmonium that, pulled by the boy, passes full of sound into the night.

De Bestimming is a performance in which the visitor journeys to an uncertain destination, as a refugee from evil, but who finds a safe, musical and visual refuge in the village church. A performance on location in and around the tower, church and parsonage of Minnertsga.

Played by artists and players from the Minnertsga community. Including Simon Bouma on the organ and Judith Oost on cello. Text: Sybe Joostema. Film images and artistic direction: Anne van Slageren. With compositions by Gert Oost, a vicar’s son who grew up in Minnertsga.

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