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De Frijtinker

Mauritiuskerk IJlst


At the bar in the town’s inn, a refugee by the name of Tesfalem falls under the spell of the innkeeper, Gearte. In her, he recognises the freedom and individuality that drove him to leave his own country. Gearte takes him and the audience on a journey of discovery involving the churches in the town of IJlst. Her story brings the town’s history to life. By means of theatre, dance and music, we meet a Baptist martyr, a charismatic preacher and a deeply religious factory owner – each of which are people who dare to stand up for their principles. Freethinkers. Meanwhile, little demons disrupt the performance and lead to some really funny misunderstandings. Tesfalem feels a strong relationship with St. Maurice, the patron of IJlst. He identifies with this black saint but would rather not die, as St. Maurice did, for his convictions. Is this ungodly bar in an inn the only place where he can find the freedom he seeks? It’s a place where everyone can be themselves. Free.

Director and artistic leader: Ypy Zysling, script: Flip van Doorn, music: Sytse Broersma, Muziektheater IJlst With assistance from the townspeople of IJst.

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