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De klok en het meisje

Thomaskerkje Katlijk


She just suddenly appeared, the girl from the bell. The villagers are no longer surprised by this. She likes to sit next to the belfry. Sometimes it seems like she’s having complete conversations.

The audience sits in a gallery in the meadow and look out over the beautiful little Thomaskerk with the adjacent belfry. Through the girl, they play a curious game with time. Which doesn’t seem to run chronologically or to have any logic. Just like in a dream, stories run through one another, parallel to each other and exist alongside each other. So she might sit locked up in the church with the military police from 1930, while the people in hiding from 1942 walk by. The girl is like a window overlooking the centuries past, the present and possibly even the future. Just like the bell, she is a silent witness.

Brought to you by De Twa Doarpen Drama Association, Thijs (Ties) Huisman and Gerard Thijssen, students from Bornego College and OSG Sevenwolden, a choir, and Yoram Ish-Hurwitz, Oranjewoud Festival. Direction, text, composition and design: Kameroperahuis

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