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De klok moat werom!

Mariakerk Kortezwaag


The current Mariakerk was built without a tower in 1797. In 1896 the church board decided to have a tower built. But who would pay for it? It was decided to sell one of the bells from the belfry next to the church. The church prelate was not at all happy about this. Furious, Tjalle Tamme left the meeting: ‘As ik dea gean, wol ik troch twá klokken bebongele wurde!’ (When I die, I want to be chimed by two bells!) With these words, he spoke his curse upon the village.

It’s high time that the bell comes back, to finally lift Tjalle Tammes’ curse.

You’ll find out if it works in De Klok moat werom! This story is also being made into a children’s book. A theatre performance by Eijer Producties and the residents of Gorredijk and the area, with dance, music and film.

Direction and choreography: Janna Eijer, Eijer Producties and the Mariakerk Kortezwaag committee, book author: Janny van der Molen. Brought to you by the Nim it sa’t it is choir, Frysksjongkoor, Koor De Reade Hoeke.

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