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De klokken fan Berltsum

Koepelkerk Berlikum


Lovers for 400 years.

A bell has been hanging in the Koepelkerk in Berlikum since 1593. In 1663, it was joined by a heavier bell. Together they could be heard throughout the area, in beautiful intervals.

Due to a shortage of money, the people of Berlikum were forced to sell the heavy ‘male’ bell to the German city of Mannheim during the time of Napoleon. Both of the bells were removed from their towers during World War II and taken away to be melted down. The bell in Berlikum cried for two consecutive hours.

The lovers both survived but remained separated. Get carried away by a dramatic, musical tale about two lovers torn apart by fate but now – after centuries – can finally once again be heard together in Berlikum.

With tenor Albert Bonnema, other soloists and musicians, residents of Berlikum, multiple choirs and the OpMaat brass band.

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