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De profylfoto fan Klaas

PKN-Kerk Wommels


A performance about the importance of having a beacon in our lives.
Klaas has seen much of the world. This former Wommels resident and ex-banker has become a farmer in Sweden and lives there with his wife and children. Klaas’ profile picture on WhatsApp is a photo of the Wommels church tower with the Frisian flag on top.

What does the tower mean to you? The associations and the imagination of the clients from Tywerthiem (Talant) form the common thread in a musical theatre production that’s part of the Greidhoek’ festival 2018. With support from the local music, singing and stage associations, collaboration is sought with people from the village of Klaas in order to describe and convey the role of the church tower as a beacon in life.

Brought to you by the residents of Tywerthiem and Wommels, Toanielselskip Wommels, The Happy Voices, Sjong! pop choir, Euphonia, De Mik, Greidhoek’ festival, with special thanks to Rozemarijn Strubbe, Wybren Jorritsma, Klaas Malda and Janneke Okkema. Director: Catrien Jonker, script: Sjoukje de Boer, poetry: Pieteke de Boer, artistic supervision: Wouter Daane.

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