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De Slach by Boxum

Sint Margrietkerk Boksum


On 17 January 1586, the Spanish army encountered the Frisian army near the village of Boksum. Unfortunately it was not a fair fight, and the Frisian army suffered heavy losses. Standard-bearer Otto Clant had been commanded to defend the banner with his life and entered the Sint Margrietkerk. The Spaniards granted him mercy, but he wrapped himself in the banner and fought on.

This impressive 3D video mapping-show with live music and theatre around the Sint Margrietkerk, tells the story of the Frisian army resistance against the Spanish oppression during the Eighty Years’ war. The visitor will find themselves in the middle ages when walking into the historic part of Boksum, which includes a medieval market. The skull with musket bullet hole that was dug up in 2016 plays a role in this show.

Brought to you by, amongst others, Advendo Music Association, Tonielferiening De Stringpraters, Boksum Village Choir and ABBS Otto Clantskoalle. Imagery: Mark van Houten, video mapping: Pieter-Frans Flameling, lighting: Koos de Vries, historian Syds Pasma.

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persmap van De Slach by Boxum