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De tael van et hatte

Bonifatiuskerk Idzards


The pilgrims from the Stellingwerven, whose homecoming was celebrated in 1579 after they walked to Santiago de Compostela, got a bit of a shock upon their return. The councillor Baerte van Idzarda had signed the Union of Utrecht on behalf of Friesland. Spanish rule had ended as a result, but what did their newly acquired freedom actually stand for? What did it mean for the identity of the Stellingwervers, their language and beliefs?

How much do the Stellingwervers of over 400 years ago resemble those of today? Look in the mirror standing before us. A trip with music, theatre and visual arts.

Brought to you by the residents of the three villages of Oldeholtwolde, Nijeholtwolde and Ter Idzard, Bonifatiuskerk Ter Idzard, De Vriendenkring drama club, 4Klank choir, Gelegenheidskoor, theater ’t Darreltien. Artistic collaboration: Sigrid Hamelink (visual art), Johan Veenstra (text), Janneke Florijn (music) and Gooitsen Eenling (director).

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