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De verdwenen peerden

Bonifatiuskerk Oldeberkoop


The story goes that two horses once died in the small church in Nijeberkoop. The horses had gotten loose and, as it turned out later, ended up at the village churchyard. The small church was in poor condition, which was why it was no longer in use. When people finally visited it again, they found the missing horses – both dead. Even though the small church in Nijeberkoop is long gone, the story remains known after all these years There’s a nice symbolism to this: the church remained a place to feel protected up until the very last moment.

The story deserves an artistic challenge. It is obvious that the language must play an important role within the regional context. The language must be sung in the ancient Oldeberkoper church with its beautiful acoustics. Hence a literary-musical rendition of the missing horses.

Brought to you by Berkoper Popkoor and Donna Dora, Brocante music association, Capodastro’s guitar club, Stellingwarver Schrieversronte, OBS de Tjongeling, Lindecollege, troubadour Serge Epskamp. Idea and artistic direction: Willy Bergsma in collaboration with Sietske Bloemho.

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