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Een nacht in de Sint Janskerk

St. Janskerk Hoorn Terschelling


Een nacht in de Sint Janskerk (A night at the St. John’s Church) is a whirlwind of a music-theatre performance. Theater Compagnie Barrevoet, along with talented young people, children and adults from the Terschelling community, gives a picture of the rich history of the Sint Janskerk and the legends linked to it.

A group of young people sneak into the church out of curiosity. Suddenly they stand face to face with the old sexton. He takes them on a journey through his memories. Miraculously, these go back to the year 1230, when a lone monk wandered over the Wad looking for a runaway cow. It seems like the sexton is as old as the stones of the church itself. Is he an inspired storyteller or is there more to it? And what do those two pious widows want? While the young people try to decipher the mystery, the organ suddenly begins to play.

Director: Terence Roe, concept: Compagnie Barrevoet, play: Aafje Terpstra, Mariella Melani, Judith Oost, Martin de Nooij, Giovanni Del no, Chris Corstens, Maaike and Sebastiaan van Leunen, youth and children from the community, singers from the Terschelling men’s choir De West Aleta singers, costumes: Margot Nies. Brought to you by sextons Jan and Anja Zorgdrager, Barrevoet Jeugdopleiding, Muziekschool de Notenboom, Stichting Muziek Op Terschelling, Harmonie Jubal Terschelling, Fanfare Schylge, those involved with the Sint Janskerk Hoorn Terschelling.

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