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Haren in de wind

Mattheuskerk Langezwaag


Sunday morning: put on the Sunday clothes, comb your hair and head to church. The comb of the cloisters is ready for the hair that gets windblown on the way. After each service, the strand of hair that’s left behind is blown by the wind across the churchyard. This anecdote, a childhood memory about dressing up for church, along with the myth that tells why there is a horse on our tower are the inspirations for an unusual church experience. In and around a special installation, in the form of the Mattheuskerk, we tell a story about wonder and the resilience of life. With horse hair, music and a roaring organ. You smell and hear the horse; experience a primal force. In addition, portraits that you take with you on the everyday intimacy of combing your hair. This combination of rawness and beauty speak to the senses in an unexpected way. Of celebrating the love of life together.
Proudly created by the villagers of Langezwaag and led by Monique Jansma and Wietske Lycklama à Nijeholt.

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