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It paad fan de Wûnderdokter

Sint-Petruskerk Jistrum


An artistic walk leads the visitor through a vast landscape and a small village, Eestrum. This village has a jewel of medieval architecture, the Sint-Petruskerk. A remarkable Eestrum forefather is buried under the tower of this church.

During this walk the visitor experiences and lives the story of this forefather, the miracle doctor Joost Wiersma. What did the miracle doctor do? How did he live? How was he perceived by the village? What made him so famous or infamous? Told in paintings, music, stories and poems. Leading up to the walk, it’s possible to give form to the folk tales in an artistic way by participating in various art projects.

Where folk tales have emerged, they come to life. Where legends are born, they are once again experienced.

Brought to you by Fanfare Joost Wiersma, De Snieskeppers drama association, Dorpsbelang Jistrum, Protestant Community of Jistrum, Hilly Harms, Tet Rozendal, the band Wiebe.

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