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Lûd fan de Middelsee

Oldehove Leeuwarden


In Lûd fan the Middelsee, 17 music associations bring the old Middelzee to life. The Middelzee: new territory of the municipality of Leeuwarden. And the home region of the 17 collaborating associations. Introducing the city to the villages and bringing the villages to the city: that’s the goal of Lûd fan the Middelsee.

This is why music will sound from Hijum to Leeuwarden on 30 September 2018. A musical bicycle route through the Middelzee landscape. Show bands, brass bands, fanfares, harmony corps and a pipe band give surprising performances in the villages and along the way. The route ends at De Prinsentuin park in Leeuwarden. There will be food and drink for everyone. The grand finale takes place in the evening under the Tower: the Oldehove. This tower, built on the coast of the old Middelzee, is a symbol of the collaboration between the music associations. Together they provide a musical spectacle that will be talked about for a long time to come.

Brought to you by Apollo Grou, Crescendo Hijum/Feinsum, Da Capo Leeuwarden, De Kriich Wergea, De Nije Bazún Britsum, Harmonie Weidum, Hosanna Leeuwarden, Looft den Heer Wurdum, Oldehove Kapel Leeuwarden, Ons Genoegen, Pasveerkorpsen Leeuwarden, Soli Brass Leeuwarden, Studio Stiens, Takostu Stiens, Fries senior orchestra, Graham Lowland Pipes & Drums. Composition: Geert Jan Kroon. Director and artistic leader: Wouter Daane.

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