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Marijke Muoi

Grote of Jacobijnerkerk Leeuwarden


Leeuwarden, August 1795

Radical revolutionaries storm the Grote Kerk, smash everything, take valuable metals from the graves and kick around the bones of the Nassau family. They even play football with the skull of Marie Louise of Hesse-Kassel, mother of Stadtholder William IV. Revolutionaries, adventurers and idealists gather before the Grote Kerk. They want democracy. Now!
Leeuwarden, January 2018

The world shakes on its political and social foundations. Populists are calling for conflict, for the expulsion of the political and social elite. Where should it lead – to more democracy or less?

Theatre about our current times, in which the spectator cannot remain aloof. You will be taken along in a confusing battle; will it be freedom, equality and brotherhood or not? Marijke Muoi, a performance with two faces, a performance about revolution and reconciliation.

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