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Merakels fan Nijlân

Nicolaaskerk Nijland


A performance about the determination of a carpenter’s assistant with a brilliant plan.

Will Lytse Fedde get an audience with the ‘bigwigs’? Would he dare to put forward his idea, which is totally different from the prevailing views? Hidden under his cap, he goes to the pastor one evening with his plan to save the sagging church tower. He is shocked when he is seriously listened to and his plan is put into action.

Now it gets exciting: will it work? Was his plan correct? ‘I shouldn’t have gotten involved with this’, he sighs. But hope and pray that the plan will be successful. In addition to this story, there is the Terra Nova ballad, about two oxen that determined where the church was built in Nijland.

Brought to you by Toanielselskip Nijlân, CMV Excelsior, Terra Nova Gospel Choir, Under de toer Nijlân project group, Protestant community Nijland, Dorpsbelang Nijland, Oranjevereniging Nijland and the residents of Nijland. Director and artistic leader: Caro Kroon, text: Cor Kooistra and Hans Brans, Terra Nova ballad composition: Hoite Pruiksma.

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