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Oeds fan fierwei

VincentiusKerk Reduzum


Homer’s Odyssey in the heart of Friesland

The homecoming of war hero Oeds (Odysseus) is played out under the towers of Friens, Idaerd, Eagum and Reduzum (FIER). The village’s party committee is busy with festivities centred around Capital of Culture 2018. The new fountain will spray for the first time. They don’t have time for Oeds, who can’t really adjust to being back home and is behaving strangely. Telemachus, his son, sees his father struggling and wonders how the village could be celebrating with a party. How can the gods be so full of themselves and their fountain, while he and his mother are wrestling with a great sadness? Where are they?

Wondering how this ends? Come and experience this musical Odyssey in 2018.

Brought to you by the residents, Doarpsbelangen Friens, Idaerd, Eagum and Reduzum, theatre associations, primary school and churches in Reduzum, Ideard, Eagum and Friens. Music: Sytse Broersma, script: Peter Sijbenga, director: Janneke de Haan.

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