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Sint Vitus Passie

St. Vituskerk Wetsens


A vocal trilogy
On a Sunday morning in 1842, the preacher Vitalis was at the pulpit in the Sint Vituskerk in Wetsens. He was preaching about Samson, founder of the people of Israel in 1000 BC.

He stands in the Temple of Dagon, in the middle of the crowd. Scarred by abuse, blind and crippled. His hands grope the pillars, seemingly to find support.

But he’s really using the last of his strength to pull down the pillars and collapse the temple of the Philistines.

During that sermon, Wetsens’ tower also collapse with a loud roar. Was it lightning? The revenge of Vitus? Samson? Or …? The witnesses move in procession to the place where the tower once stood. Where the closing choral sounds.

Composer: Anne E. de Bruijn, text: Ina Sijtsma, with: various solists, habitants of Wetsens, Vocaalensemble Promovocale and choirs from Niawier and Dokkum

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