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Protestantse Kerk Schettens


A helmet has hung in the porch of the Schettens church since time immemorial, just an old helmet. Until a diligent museum curator saw a picture of it on the internet. He called, brought along his white gloves, and suddenly the helmet was a unique example dating from the Eighty Years’ War belonging to the Frisian military man Schelte van Aysma from Schettens. Suddenly, Schettens was national news. Add to this the recent discovery of a burial vault with skeletons under Schelte’s tombstone, and it’s not so strange that the community has undergone a sort of ‘Skeltemania’.

Skeltemania is a music-theatre performance. We follow the funeral procession of this Frisian hero, who was caught up in a European war, and contemplate the role of heroes in our own lives. The musical accompaniment is in the hands of the fanfare orchestra Excelsior Schraard.

Brought to you by Excelsior Schraard fanfare orchestra, Schettens drama association. Musical Director: Thom Zigterman. Text and direction: Eelco Venema.

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persmap van Skeltemania