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Tusken Twa Tuorren

St. Martinuskerk Warga


In the spirit of Saint Martin, the Sint Martinuskerk shares its earthly possessions with the youth club, the breeding ground for organisational and cultural talent in Wergea. But for how much longer, since the church is going to merge? Can you even share if you no longer have anything?

The former reformed church, de Bidler, is the lively cultural heart of Wergea, where children shine in a musical, where mourning takes place in a memorial service, where music and theatre are made, where there’s room for creativity and where life is shared. But what will happen if the breeding ground disappears? Local talent tells a musical and theatrical story in the Sint Martinus, goes on an enlightening journey with you to de Bidler and challenges you there in an interactive game around meaning and cultural heritage.

Tusken Twa Tuorren: with two choirs, a big band, a brass band, a theatre group, a youth club, an lmclub, two bands and a lot of fun.

Brought to you by Jeugdsoos S.Z.D.R.N.Z.L.L., Halbertsma drama association, Bigband Two Towers Collective, Boppeseal movies, De Kriich music association, St. Cecilia Wergea Catholic mixed choir, Wergea Pop Choir. Concept and artistic leadership: Theo Smedes, Froukje van Houten and Karlijn Benthem.

persmap van Tusken Twa Tuorren