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Wat zag de Lemster Toer?

Ned. Hervormde Kerk Lemmer


The Lemster Tower has seen Lemmer change over 300 years; the fishing community became a recreational hotspot. Under it is the monumental church with the carved pulpit, the Ypma organ and, as a firmament above the believers, the ceiling paintings. It has seen people of note being buried: Fedde Schurer who wrote his poems there and who translated the poems of the German poet Heinrich Heine. It has seen earlier inhabitants carrying out heavy work as fishermen and it saw Lemmer construction flourish. The effects of the Afsluitdijk have also not escaped its attention: the decline of the fisheries and Lemmer becoming a water sports location. Rintje Ritsma, Epke Zonderland and Sjenkie Knegt are the modern-day heroes.

The Lemmer poet Job Degenaar interprets this village and church history in an ode to the Lemster Tower. Feike van Tuinen uses songs and texts in a music festival. The Lemmer mienskip (community) is having this musical story played in eight special concerts in and around the Lemster Tower.

With the help of over 300 musicians from the Lemmer mienskip: corps, choirs, pop and blues bands and soloists. Organisation: The Lemster Male Choir.

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