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Yn it Skaad fan ‘e Toer

PKN-kerk Ryptsjerk


The church in Rijperkerk is suddenly full again. A case of acute godliness? No, a story is circulating about a treasure under the floor of the ancient house of God.

Yn it Skaad fan ‘e Toer is a musical-theatrical performance about what this rumour brings about in the village. Some feel that a grave is a place of rest and must not be desecrated. Others see euro signs and opportunities to better themselves and the village. Then – one morning – the floor is broken open.

A story that is rooted with Antje van Uylenburgh, the sister-in-law of Rembrandt van Rijn who is buried in this church. And with Antje’s spouse, the Polish free-spirited theologian Johannes Maccovius. At the age of 27, he was already a professor at the University of Franeker, a church dissident, lush and frequent visitor to prostitutes. The mystery of Antje, intertwined with the curious behaviour of people back then and now, casts a shadow over the village.

Brought to you by members of Koar Excentriek, Wy doarre wer drama association, former members of K.M.F. Excelsior, children from the primary school, WIG Producties and many other Rijperkerk residents. Text: Margreet de Heer, Rynk Bosma, direction: Hans van Buuren.

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