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Under de Toer starts on the first of January 2018!

We are all looking forward to it: 2018, the year of Leeuwarden-Fryslân as Cultural Capital of Europe. The cultural year won’t officially start until de 28th of January, with the Under de Toer project Marijke Muoi as the opener, among other shows. But, technically UdT will kick the year off on the first of January in IJlst, with De Frijtinker.

We’ll start the year off with a special in IJlst: De Frijtinker, about a journey of freedom an freethinkers. “De Frijtinker is part of a series of five shows. Premiering on the first of January is mostly practical – the next show is in October, and we wouldn’t manage putting together two shows in such a short period of time”, says Ypy Zysling, the director of De Frijtinker.

“It’s a great honour to be the first to play, but it is also very demanding of our cast and crew. If you agree to do the show, you agree to do the rehearsals which, in this case, will also take place during Christmas. There are more than a hundred people working on this play: professionals, artists and volunteers, but luckily everyone was very excited to partake.”

De Frijtinker will be hosted on five different locations. The play starts in the local pub, then leads you to the cemetery where the St. Mauritius Church was, then to the Mauritius Church, the Baptist Church, the Stadslaan Church and then back to the pub. “Gearte (Titia Huisman), the hostess of an Inn, takes refugee Tesfalem, played by Mauricio Plat, to the churches of IJlst. In a display of theatre, dance and music, Gearte and Tesfalem meet a Baptist martyr, a charismatic preacher and a highly religious manufacturer, all who stand for their morals. They are freethinkers.”

Tickets for De Frijtinker are available from September at